Invest in Success: Women’s Leadership Program

Former Senior HR Leaders Mindy Schwartz and Kelly Shannon have partnered together to design and deliver the Invest in Success: Women’s Leadership Program. Our proven approach to developing strong female leadership has provided women leaders across the financial services industry with the skills to become even more effective in their roles and to advance in their careers.

We’re now offering the Invest in Success: Women’s Leadership program to female professionals across all levels of organizations to provide them with the necessary tools, network and support to own their career, manage key relationships and share their successes. Reach out to Mindy to learn more about how our Women’s Leadership Program supports women at each step of their career journey.


Katie Carter, Vice President & Controller at JMI Equity

Katie Carter, Vice President & Controller at JMI Equity

Mindy Schwartz and Kelly Shannon's Women's Leadership Program offered me the opportunity to become more comfortable communicating with and advocating for ideas with senior leadership. Through group exercises and individual coaching I was able to develop my approach and structure when making suggestions. I learned simple strategies to better utilize the time and attention from senior management. I also benefitted from becoming more direct in my approach.

As my company transitions back to the office, I look forward to utilizing the skills and tactics of strategic planning, structure, and the confidence I gained to continue to build trust with the senior management team.